Friday, June 16, 2017

Why Does America Hate Islam?

I’d never thought I’d see the day when Black people weren’t the most hated group in America. Even during World War II, the Nazis prisoners were given better treatment than Black soldiers. Sure America hated communists a lot, but they called Black leaders like MLK communists, to hate Black people all the more.
Since 9/11, Black people have moved to number 2 on America’s most hated list, with Mexicans coming in a close 3rd. We even have a a President who calls himself an African-American. That is not to say African-Americans don’t have to deal with prejudice, economic oppression and substandard education but that Muslims have moved to the number one enemy of our country in the minds of good Christian American people from the heartland, who watch Fox News and vote Republican.
While Americans rushed to aid the poor, Black country of Haiti after the earthquake and gave to disaster relief agencies, after the disastrous flooding in Pakistan, there was little attention to from the media and even less donations coming from Americans to help their fellow country in need. Could it be that Americans see poor Haitians as fellow human beings in need of compassion, but not dark skinned Arabs who practice Islam?
The issue of the Ground Zero Mosque, is another issue that shows a great deal of hatred and ignorance towards American people of the Muslim faith. What is more troubling is the way the right wing media has distorted and used the situation to make American people angry at Muslims.
The people who planned and executed the September 11th attacks were of no more representative of Islam than the Christian dictators such as Mobutu and Charles Taylor, both men who were supported by right wing Christian icon, Pat Robertson, are of Christianity.
It seems as if the Tea Party patriots choose to ignore the fact that their precious founding fathers chose to give us freedom of religion and separate church and state.
The right wing has done a good job of fear mongering against Muslims since 9/11, but the problem didn’t start there. For years Muslims and Arabs have been victims of gross stereotypes in movies cartoons and TV shows.
After 9/11, the right wing used Islamophobia to launch their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is like using Pearl Harbor to attack china and Korea or invading England because of Hitler.
Making Osama Bin Laden the face of Islam is like making David Koresh the face of Christianity. The right wing has used Islamaphobia to push their unnecessary wars and keep people in fear and now is using Islamaphobia to earn political points among prejudice voters.
While people in Islamic cultures may have issues with treatment of homosexuals, women and people who don’t follow Islam, this is not due to Islam itself. For years, Chistians have oppressed Christians and women and homosexuals. Those who call Islam a religion of war, must’ve missed the crusades the Spanish inquisition and colonialism done in the name of Christianity. Islamic countries like other developing countries need to time to develop before they reach our standards of Democracy and equality. Bombing Islamic countries will not help them develop but just put them further away from western values and styles of government.
The roots of Islamaphobia in this county and be directly traced to the christian-right, Fox News and the GOP. Rather than quell peoples’ prejudices and increasing tolerance of religions the right wing have chosen to play on peoples prejudices and fears to drum up a hatred of Islam. Islam didn’t blow up the world trade center, religious fanaticism did. The Republicans played on that same religious fanaticism to start wars that killed a hundred times more civilians than were killed on 9/11.
So why does America hate Islam? The don’t. America has been given a bad name just a bunch of rich right wingers trying to manipulate the ignorant masses into hatred and fear of people they don’t know. The same tactics they used on African-Americans and communists

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Does Social Media Kills our Time and Feeding us Wrong Infos?

Is social media killing our time? Nowadays it seems like social medias are as common as oxygen we breath in. You just cannot stay without checking notifications that popped out on your mobile phone, pc or tablets(whatever you
use). It is really hard to resist. I have been there done that. But we don't think about the time we are wasting by seeing the notifications and all the things that are stacked up in our social media news feeds. Maybe the saying "Too much of anything is bad"is true and in terms of social media it also applies where we see too much information and it seems that we cannot ignore any of it. Moreover not every information on the newsfeed you see is true. Research shows that 20 percent of the things that you see on social media news feed are true and the rest are likely to be false and made up which is pretty sad because you waste all your valuable time seeing those news which have no value at all. Nearly everyone seems to have a facebook account if not then twitter or instagram.
Well i m not saying these are all bad practices but it becomes a problem when you spend too much time on social media and don't do anything productive. On average a person spends 4 to 5 hours a day on social media whether it is facebook, twitter, instagram or even Youtube, We can use this medias in our favor if we think smart. In case of facebook you can use it in a moderate amount of time and nothing harm on that but if you use it longer or at a rate that hampers your daily life and prevent you from doing something productive or creative than thats a problem. So rather than reading flawed informations on social media we can read books and gather much more quality informations. People these days almost forgot about the term BOOK. They rarely read books as it takes a lot of time but fail to realize that the time is really worth it. Many people might think that we can learn from watching youtube but the problem here is how many of them are actually knowledgable? They may feed you wrong or flawed information any day. I saw many people telling flawed information on youtube and they are getting away with that because of the huge view counts and subscribers. Think about it again when you watch a tutorial or a video about education is it the right information or just another flawed one? It is better to read books than to get feed by the wrong informations presented by the uneducated people. Because limited knowledge is very dangerous thing that destroys your career.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Amal and Clooney are having a good time

After arriving in London the newly married celebrity couple Amal and Clooney looks very happy and stunning together. They were spotted in a restaurant in London named River cafe on November 24th 2014. They were having dinner with another celebrity couple Stella McCarthy and her husband. The couples were enjoying themselves and having a good time while especially it seemed like the newly married couple is having their best time.

Clooney and Amal were married on Venice, Italy this year on September. Our best wishes are with them and they may have a long lasting happy married life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Asking questions about the Gaza invasion isn't to be anti-Israel

Enquiring minds want to know: The stated rationale for the Israeli ongoing invasion of Gaza is the elimination of the underground tunnel system that has facilitated the bombardment of cities in Israel and is hence a threat to the country’s populace.

But much has been made of the vaunted “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system that is said to be virtually foolproof in knocking out incoming rockets. If this is so, what was the need for a full-scale invasion into the populace of western Gaza and Gaza City? Again, the answer repeatedly given is the destruction of the tunnels as the main goal. But can’t this be done by other means, absent the catastrophic humanitarian toll taken by the disproportionate civilian casualties? That is, say, by concentrating almost exclusively on destroying the tunnels bordering on the edges of the state of Israel, applied in tandem with a sort of “rope a dope” policy of letting Hamas exhaust itself and its missiles (which, in truth, are hardly inexhaustible), rather than the “whack-a-mole” tactic of search and destroy, which exacerbates the counterproductive carnage?
Granted, the psychic pressure on a populace that is under perpetual bombardment is an existential fact of life, but for purely practical reasons aren’t there other long-term solutions, not the least of which is letting Hamas burn itself out now that it has been pretty well established that adjacent Arab states would not be too sorry to see it do so?

One does not have to believe that Israel hasn’t a right to exist or to defend itself from those who would wish its annihilation to ask these questions about the current invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces.

The Satanic Verses and their implications for the Miracle of the Qur'an

For the historical background on the satanic verses, please read the article by Ernest Hahn. Here I only want to reflect on the implications of this event on the claimed miracle of eloquence which propsed as proof for the divine authorship of the Qur'an.
Muslim authorities admit that Muhammad was at one time inspired by Satan to put some verses into the Qur'an. Some time later, upon receiving further revelation from Jibril, that those verses were not from God, but interjected by Satan, they were removed again. The Qur'an reports about it in Surah 22:52 Never sent We a messenger or a prophet before thee but when He recited (the message) Satan proposed (opposition) in respect of that which he recited thereof. But Allah abolisheth that which Satan proposeth. Then Allah establisheth His revelations. Allah is Knower, Wise;
This means Satan was able to interfere with Muhammad's revelation and create some verses in praise of the idols al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat, [see Sura 53:19-20], calling them "al-Gharaniq al-ula", "the high birds". He later annulled this (see Asbab al-Nuzul by al-Wahidi; chapter on why Sura al-Hajj was revealed).

It seems that Satan was able to inspire some verses and nobody realized it until Allah pointed it out by giving further revelation. This means in particular: there was no "inferior language" in those verses which came from Satan in comparison to those which came (supposedly) from Allah because Muhammad didn't realize it at the time.
The Qur'an states:

"And if you all are in doubt about what I have revealed to My servant, bring a single sura like it, and call your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful." (2:23)
and specifically includes the jinn in the challenge:

"Say: ‘If all mankind and the jinn would come together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce its like even though they exerted all and their strength in aiding one another.’" (17:88)
According to the Qur'an, Satan is one of the jinn. We have learned that he gave revelation which Muhammad recited as being divine Qur'an. This revelation was sufficiently "like it" because Muhammad himself was not able to recognize that those verses were from Satan instead of from God. He was not able to distinguish those verses from the rest of the Qur'an based on their language. Instead, he needed another revelation from God to be informed about the falsehood of the former.
This incident has several implications. The challenge of the Qur'an to "bring a surah like it" was actually met by those satanic verses in Muhammad's own time, which in turn leads to the conclusion that the rest of the Qur'an is not from God either.
Some might want to respond with the argument that these satanic verses are "not long enough" to be counted as a whole sura as the Qur'an demands. This is a rather weak argument based on quantity instead of quality since such a response already acknowledges that the verses meet the criterion to be "like the Qur'an". If the Qur'an had contained a sura as short as these verses, you would not have rejected to believe it based on brevity. How do you know what is the minimum length for a possible sura?
For those who do not want to accept that these verses meet the challenge in a qualitative way, and who claim that they know with their "feeling for good Arabic", that these are inferior to the Qur'an, we respond that they apparently claim to know Arabic better, and that they have a better grasp on how to evaluate a sura than even Muhammad himself, who could not distinguish the fake from the real on the basis of language features.
In the very least, this incident shows that Muhammad himself did not have any objective criteria on which to base an acceptance or rejection of a text that would take up the challenge in the Qur'an.
Where then do you get your "feeling" from or from what source will you derive your "criteria" on the basis of which you can decide whether a certain Arabic text meets the Qur'anic challenge, or not? Particularly, on what basis can you reject these suras as not meeting the challenge?

Hague court under western pressure not to open Gaza war crimes inquiry

The international criminal court has persistently avoided opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in Gaza as a result of US and other western pressure, former court officials and lawyers claim.
In recent days, a potential ICC investigation into the actions of both theIsrael Defence Forces and Hamas in Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield and a key negotiating issue at ceasefire talks in Cairo. But the question of whether the ICC could or should mount an investigation has also divided the Hague-based court itself.
An ICC investigation could have a far-reaching impact. It would not just examine alleged war crimes by the Israeli military, Hamas and other Islamist militants in the course of recent fighting in Gaza that left about 2,000 people dead, including women and children. It could also address the issue of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, for which the Israeli leadership would be responsible.
The ICC's founding charter, the 1998 Rome statute (pdf), describes as a war crime "the transfer, directly or indirectly, by the occupying power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies".
Also at stake is the future of the ICC itself, an experiment in international justice that occupies a fragile position with no superpower backing. Russia, China and India have refused to sign up to it. The US and Israel signed the accord in 2000 but later withdrew.
Some international lawyers argue that by trying to duck an investigation, the ICC is not living up to the ideals expressed in the Rome statute that "the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole must not go unpunished".
John Dugard, a professor of international law at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands, and a longstanding critic of Israel's human rights record, said: "I think the prosecutor could easily exercise jurisdiction. Law is a choice. There are competing legal arguments, but she should look at the preamble to the ICC statute which says the purpose of the court is to prevent impunity."
In an exchange of letters in the last few days, lawyers for the Palestinians have insisted that the ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has all the legal authority she needs to launch an investigation, based on a Palestinian request in 2009. However, Bensouda is insisting on a new Palestinian declaration, which would require achieving elusive consensus among political factions such as Hamas, who would face scrutiny themselves alongside the Israeli government. There is strong US and Israeli pressure on the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, not to pursue an ICC investigation.
Western pressure on the ICC to stay away from the issue has caused deep rifts within the prosecutor's office. Some former officials say the Palestinians were misled in 2009 into thinking their request for a war crimes investigation – in the wake of an earlier Israeli offensive on Gaza, named Cast Lead – would remain open pending confirmation of statehood. That confirmation came in November 2012 when the UN general assembly (UNGA) voted to award Palestine the status of non-member observer state, but no investigation was launched.
Bensouda initially appeared open to reviewing the standing Palestinian request, but the following year issued a controversial statement (pdf)saying the UNGA vote made no difference to the "legal invalidity" of the 2009 request.
Luis Moreno Ocampo, who was prosecutor at the time of the Palestinian 2009 declaration, backed Bensouda, saying in an email to the Guardian: "If Palestine wants to accept jurisdiction, it has to submit a new declaration."
But another former official from the ICC prosecutor's office who dealt with the Palestinian declaration strongly disagreed. "They are trying to hiding behind legal jargon to disguise what is a political decision, to rule out competence and not get involved," the official said.
Dugard said Bensouda was under heavy pressure from the US and its European allies. "For her it's a hard choice and she's not prepared to make it," he argued. "But this affects the credibility of the ICC. Africans complain that she doesn't hesitate to open an investigation on their continent."
Moreno Ocampo took three years to make a decision on the status of the 2009 Palestinian request for an investigation, during which time he was lobbied by the US and Israel to keep away. According to a book on the ICC published this year, American officials warned the prosecutor that the future of the court was in the balance.
According to the book, Rough Justice: the International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics, by David Bosco, the Americans suggested that a Palestine investigation "might be too much political weight for the institution to bear. They made clear that proceeding with the case would be a major blow to the institution."
Although the US does not provide funding for the ICC, "Washington's enormous diplomatic, economic and military power can be a huge boon for the court when it periodically deployed in support of the court's work," writes Bosco, an assistant professor of international politics at American University.
In his book, Bosco reports that Israeli officials held several unpublicised meetings with Moreno Ocampo in The Hague, including a dinner at the Israeli ambassador's residence, to lobby against an investigation.
A former ICC official who was involved in the Palestinian dossier said: "It was clear from the beginning that Moreno Ocampo did not want to get involved. He said that the Palestinians were not really willing to launch the investigation, but it was clear they were serious. They sent a delegation with two ministers and supporting lawyers in August 2010 who stayed for two days to discuss their request. But Moreno Ocampo was aware that any involvement would spoil his efforts to get closer to the US."
Moreno Ocampo denied that he had been influenced by US pressure. "I was very firm on treating this issue impartially, but at the same time respecting the legal limits," he said in an email on Sunday. "I heard all the arguments. I received different Oxford professors who were explaining the different and many times opposing arguments, and I concluded that the process should … go first to the UN. They should decide what entity should be considered a state."
He added: "Palestine was using the threat to accept jurisdiction to negotiate with Israel. Someone said that if you have nine enemies surrounding you and one bullet, you don't shoot, you try to use your bullet to create leverage."
A spokeswoman for his successor, Fatou Bensouda, rejected allegations of bias in the prosecutor's choice of investigations. "The ICC is guided by the Rome statute and nothing else," she said. "Strict rules about jurisdiction, about where and when ICC can intervene should be not be deliberately misrepresented … Geographical and political consideration will thus never form part of any decision making by the office."
The French lawyer representing the Palestinians, Gilles Devers, argued that it was for the court's preliminary chamber, not the ICC's prosecutor, to decide on the court's jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories. Devers said negotiations were continuing among the Palestinian parties on whether to file a new request for an investigation, even though he believed it to be unnecessary in legal terms. Ultimately, he said, the outcome would be determinedly politically.
"There is enormous pressure not to proceed with an investigation. This pressure has been exerted on Fatah and Hamas, but also on the office of the prosecutor," Devers said. "In both cases, it takes the form of threats to the financial subsidies, to Palestine and to the international criminal court."
Among the biggest contributors to the ICC budget are the UK and France, which have both sought to persuade the Palestinians to forego a war crimes investigation.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tory line on PMO fund 'doesn't wipe,' Mulcair Mentioned

Tory line on PMO fund 'doesn't wipe,' Mulcair Mentioned
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says the Conservative line on a partisan fund travel by the Prime Minister's workplace "doesn't wash," as a Conservative MP seems to contradict his own party's statement denying the existence of the fund.

In associate interview airing Saturday on blood profile Radio's The House, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence Chris Alexander aforesaid "no one is denying" the existence of a special discretionary party fund controlled by the prime minister's chief of employees.

As blood profile News reported  Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of employees Nigel Wright had management of a special discretionary fund within the Prime Minister’s workplace (PMO) once he cut a $90,000 cheque to legislator electro-acoustic transducer Duffy.

When initial asked to elucidate numerous aspects of the fund earlier in the week, party spokesperson Fred DeLorey aforesaid "the prime minister sometimes incurs expenses that area unit best paid by the party."

When asked "Is there any reason those funds couldn't are utilized in the Duffy-Wright deal?" DeLorey replied that "no funds were used for that."

However, on Friday, the party denied the existence of any such fund travel by the PMO and referred to as the blood profile story "false" and "misleading."

According to Mulcair, if the partisan fund did not exist, that may are the Conservative Party's initial answer.

"But it wasn't their initial answer," Mulcair aforesaid, adding that "they started explaining it away" and "tried to come back up with a replacement version."

"It does not wash," Mulcair aforesaid.

Tories send mixed messages

When initial asked by host Evan Solomon if a fund exists that's controlled by the prime minister's chief of employees cut loose the party of North American nation fund, Alexander aforesaid "it's an equivalent fund, it's party of North American nation funds."

Alexander explained that "some [funds] were administered by officers within the prime minister's workplace as a result of they management the prime minister's schedule."

"The discretion of the leader of the party matters," Alexander aforesaid, adding that the prime minister's "staff within the PMO have the duty to administer that."

Asked what the money within the special discretionary fund what used for underneath Wright, Alexander couldn't say however insisted each greenback within the fund was accounted for.

"We audit it and that we report it to Elections North American nation," Alexander aforesaid.

When ironed once more on the question of whether or not a special discretionary fund controlled by the chief of employees exists and is cut loose the party of North American nation fund — an equivalent question that was exhibit to DeLorey days earlier — Alexander aforesaid "no one is denying that."

Asked yet again to clarify that this special discretionary fund is so "separate" from the party of North American nation fund, Alexander recurrent "no one is denying that."

However, speaking on a panel of MPs on blood profile News Network's Power & Politics on weekday, Conservative MP Paul Calandra did deny that.

"There isn't any separate fund," Calandra aforesaid.

Speaking thereon same panel, NDP MP Pat Martin aforesaid the Conservatives "are ligature themselves in knots over some morass of contradictions here. It depends on  you sit down with and once you sit down with them, whether or not such a fund exists or not."

While the party aforesaid there was only 1 account wont to cowl expenses, the prime minister’s representative aforesaid their workplace will have a take into account partisan events.

The money was provided by the party, however the budget was managed by the chief of employees as a result of he knew that events the prime minister was attending, Saint Andrew the Apostle MacDougall told reporters throughout associate degree unrelated informing on weekday.
“He makes a judgement — is it government or political and if it’s for the party, it’s the Conservative party’s funds that may be used,” MacDougall aforesaid.
“The scandal would be if it absolutely was the opposite manner.”

'Produce the cheque'

Alexander insisted the special discretionary fund controlled by the chief of employees wasn't utilized by Wright to assist Duffy repay his ineligible senate expenses.
"That are confirmed by freelance investigation," Alexander aforesaid.
On Friday, the Opposition New Democrats formally asked Elections North American nation to analyze the partisan fund controlled out of the PMO.
Mulcair is additionally career on the Conservatives to provide a replica of the $90,000 cheque Wright gave to Duffy.
"They have the cheque, they need the power to provide the cheque. the very fact that they still refuse to provide it merely leaves all of these queries unrequited," Mulcair aforesaid.
Asked if manufacturing the cheque would place of these inquiries to rest, Alexander aforesaid "I do not suppose, we do not suppose, it'd serve the general public interest o.k. to possess a dribs and drabs investigation compete out by cheques being shown ahead of tv cameras so forth."
"When you wish to induce to all-time low of one thing you empower associate degree freelance workplace, associate degree freelance authority to seem into it, as we've finished the ethics commissioner, as we've finished different freelance authorities during this case."

Philadelpia Demolition employees Turns themselves in After Critical Building Collapse

Philadelphia Building demolition

 Philadelpia Demolition

A heavy instrumentation operator with a prolonged written account WHO is defendant of being high on marijuana once a building in city folded onto a thrift store, killing six folks, given Sabbatum to face charges within the deaths, police aforesaid.

Sean Benschop faces six counts of involuntary homicide, thirteen counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count of risking a catastrophe. A warrant had been issued for his arrest and police had been looking for him.
Authorities believe the 42-year-old Benschop had been victimization Associate in Nursing excavator Wed once the remains of the four-story building gave method Associate in Nursingd toppled onto an hooked up thrift store, killing 2 staff and 4 customers and injuring thirteen others.
Deputy city manager Everett Gillison aforesaid a materia medica report showed proof that Benschop was high on marijuana. That finding, combined with witness statements and proof from the scene, light-emitting diode to the choice Friday to raid his home Associate in Nursingd later get an warrant, he said.
Benschop's professional, Daine Grey, aforesaid his consumer wasn't guilty.

"This was Associate in Nursing accident, but Mr. Benschop isn't accountable," gray aforesaid Sabbatum. "And we have a tendency to believe that, in time, the facts can show that he's not accountable."
Benschop was carrying a bandage on his right arm once he turned himself in. gray aforesaid he had been lacerate at a previous worksite, however declined to mention wherever or once.
Grey aforesaid Benschop was able to operate serious instrumentation.
"He was utterly able to operate a digger," gray aforesaid. " ... He operated it safely, as he continually will, and he didn't violate the law in any capability.
"He has been doing this for over thirteen years. he's terribly practised. He has worked for variety of contractors throughout the region. All of the contractors have found him skilled and located that he did his work with the best regard for the protection of these around him."

Benschop did not come back phone messages left at numbers listed in his name, although he told The city speaker on Thursday that he could not comment attributable to the investigation.

Benschop, WHO additionally goes by the name Kary Roberts, has been in remission a minimum of eleven times since 1994 on charges starting from medicine to thieving to weapons possession, in line with court records. He was doubly sentenced to jail within the Nineteen Nineties when being condemned on drug traffic charges. Benschop's last arrest, on a charge of assault, came in Jan 2012, however the case was discharged for lack of proof.

As the criminal investigation hot, a minimum of 2 survivors sued the demolition contractor and building owner, alleging gross foolhardiness at the duty web site.

The city, meanwhile, secure to limit on the demolition business.

"We will do far better," city manager archangel oddball aforesaid at a conference Friday. "We won't settle for the establishment within the face of this tragedy."

Nutter's reform set up for construction sites includes random drug testing on serious instrumentation operators.

"If that is an element here, that actually takes things {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very completely different direction," oddball aforesaid hours before the costs against Benschop were confirmed.

The city manager additionally pledged to adopt more durable background needs for demolition contractors, as well as info regarding every worker's expertise, and a lot of frequent web site inspections once demolitions ar current.

His set up might run into resistance from builders WHO say they are already extremely regulated.
"I suppose that before we have a tendency to do something, before we have a tendency to rush to any judgment regarding the way to fix what happened, we've got to own all the facts," aforesaid Steven Lakin, government manager of the overall Building Contractors Association, a trade cluster representing Philadelphia-area contractors. "Everybody needs to manage demolition contractors, however i am not therefore positive that is the answer."

Lawyers for the 2 survivors WHO have sued accuse demolition contractor gryphon Joseph Campbell — WHO features a criminal background and has filed for bankruptcy doubly — of violating federal safety laws. they assert building owner Richard Basciano ought to have picked a a lot of qualified and competent contractor to try to to the work.
No one answered the phone at an inventory for Joseph Campbell on Sabbatum, and also the voice mailbox was full.
Plaintiff Linda Bell, a 50-year-old mother of 3, was looking at the thrift store once the building lessened on prime of her. She fell into the basement Associate in Nursingd was lined by debris for over an hour.
"She's still barrel up real dangerous, sore, swollen up," Bell's brother, Keith Bell, told the AP on Friday. She's additionally suffering painfulness from "seeing others obtaining killed," he said.

Concerns regarding the demolition

Construction engineers have aforesaid the thrift store ought to are exhausted throughout important phases of the demolition project round the corner.
The Salvation Army was involved enough regarding the demolition that its attorneys reached dead set a attorney for building owner STB Investments business firm., an organization connected to outstanding businessperson and developer Richard Basciano.
"There was communication between The Salvation Army and also the professional of the neighboring building's owner, relating the demolition. The neighbor assured The Salvation Army that they'd be taking correct precautions," Maj. Robert W. Dixon, director of operations of The Salvation Army of bigger city, aforesaid in a very statement Friday afternoon.

"These discussions were ne'er finalized," he said.

Serena Williams Next Target is Roger Federer After winning the French Title

Serene williams with french title
Australia’s tennis player is that the overall champ in lawn tennis with twenty four major singles titles, whereas Federer of Schweiz won a men’s record-extending seventeenth in London last year. Williams is that the defensive champion at the world’s solely grass-court sweep, that starts in fortnight.
“My goal is to induce to seventeen,” Williams aforesaid in Associate in Nursing interview at Roland Garros 3 hours once she’d pink-slipped ten aces on her thanks to her second title in Paris with a 6-4, 6-4 finish against Sharapova.
“How impressive would it not be if I may know at suburb, that will be nice,” the 31-year-old yankee aforesaid. “But the competition is basically powerful. It’s not getting to be simple on behalf of me, and I’m getting to get extremely serious concerning my game and acquire extremely targeted so as to ever catch Roger Federer.”
According to her employment authority, patron saint Mouratoglou, the records of Evert and Navratilova, United Nations agency every won eighteen major singles titles, and even Steffi Graf’s tally of twenty-two sweep championships are inside grasp.
“For Serena, nothing is out of reach,” Mouratoglou aforesaid in Associate in Nursing interview within the players’ lounge shortly once her win. “If she needs one thing, it’s terribly troublesome to prevent her.”
For now, Williams is concentrating on title No. seventeen and zip a lot of.

Williams’s Goals

“My goal is to induce to seventeen,” aforesaid Williams, she leaves Paris together with her 1st French Open title since 2002. “If i buy there, my next goal are to induce to eighteen.”
The championship came a year once she lost within the gap spherical to then 111th-ranked Virginie Razzano of France. within the days once her earliest defeat in a very major, Williams sought-after the assistance of Mouratoglou. Williams keeps Associate in Nursing living accommodations in Paris, shortly faraway from his lawn tennis academy.
“When I lose, all hell breaks loose,” Williams aforesaid, adding the loss to Razzano had been “a massive motivation” in her success since then.
With Mouratoglou, the 42-year-old son of former EDF Energies Nouvelles Chairman Paris Mouratoglou, by her aspect, she’s won suburb, the U.S. Open, the year-end WTA Championships and currently her 1st French title in eleven years.
Williams additionally captured singles and doubles gold medals at the 2012 London athletic contest. Her thirteenth consecutive finish against Sharapova extended her overall win streak to thirty one, the longest in her career.

Men’s Final

“She contend sturdy, she contend deep, served particular, served higher than I did,” Sharapova aforesaid in a very press conference.
The 26-year-old from Russia, one in every of the simplest returners within the women’s game, aforesaid Williams had been “serving tougher than David Ferrer once he gets to the ultimate of Roland Garros.”
Ferrer plays the men’s final these days against seven-time champion and fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal.
In her last 2 service games alone, Williams created 5 of her ten aces, hit shots as quick as 198 kilometers per hour (123 miles per hour).
“She contend her best lawn tennis at the tip of each set, as a result of she’s a champion,” Mouratoglou aforesaid. “She serves 3 aces within the last game -- 198 kilometers per hour on the point. It says everything.”
The secret to Williams’s success at the age of thirty one is her consistency, per Sharapova.

Williams’s Consistency

“She’s ready to are available in and turn out it day in, day out,” aforesaid Sharapova,  she hasn’t overwhelmed Williams since 2004. “It’s not like she’s modified one thing very in her game. She’s continuously had a giant serve. It’s simply become far more consistent.”
Williams feels that, even at her age, she’s not done rising simply nevertheless.
“It’s a giant motivation,” she said. “The day I feel that I cannot improve, that’s getting to be a haul on behalf of me as I’m getting to need to extremely discussion whether or not I ought to keep taking part in. however I desire as of currently, I will do plenty of things higher. I desire I is fitter. I desire there's still tier of improvement that I will reach.”

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Nelson Mandela Hospitalized in a Crtical Condition

nelson-mandela in critical condition

A presidential interpreter mentioned  he's in an exceedingly "serious however stable condition", though he was ready to breathe on his own - a "positive sign".
Mr Mandela, 94, has been sick for a few days however deteriorated nightlong and was transferred to a hospital in capital of South Africa.
He continued the fight against social policy and is considered the daddy of democratic African nation.
As long as he's still alive... we tend to still have hope. African nation is nothing while not him” a dealer said.

He has recently suffered a series of health issues and this is often his fifth visit to hospital in two years.
In April he was discharged from hospital when a 10-day keep caused by respiratory disorder.
His malady was represented on weekday as a repeat of a respiratory organ infection, that has troubled him repeatedly.
The South African presidential interpreter  Maharaj gave confirmation update on  Mandela's condition
Mr Mandela was taken to hospital, from his place a community of Johannesburg, at concerning 01:30 time (23:30 universal time Friday).
Mac Maharaj, South Africa's presidential interpreter, told the BBC he was receiving skilled treatment.
Doctors were doing everything attainable to create him snug and higher, he added.


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